Stephen and Juliet

Meet the Wormies for little Stephen and Juliet!

When it comes to jungle animals, monkeys and elephants seem to be the most popular individual fabrics to find, not giraffes. Stephen’s theme was giraffe with blues and greens and although the giraffe is slightly subtle, it is still noticeable. Thankfully, I was able to find some fabric spotted in giraffe and a quilt-esque type fabric with a giraffe square on it, but it was harder than I thought! And since the majority of the fabric was flannel, it has made for one cuddly Wormy.

Juliet’s Wormy combined greens and yellows from her nursery with more girly prints and pinks. I love finding sweet girly fabric that is able to tie in so many colors together. I found some patterns that incorporated more garden-type scenes with butterflies and flowers, which also had greens, yellows, and pinks. Juliet’s Wormy is a collection of bright, soft, and warm colors that come together to create a perfectly sweet Wormy.

Here are the finished products, enjoy! 🙂

IMG_8794 IMG_8793 IMG_8802 IMG_8744 IMG_8751 IMG_8756


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