Hello, Bear Collection Challenge

A blog that I follow, Going Home to Roost, created a challenge to use anything from owner and designer, Bonnie Christine’s, Hello, Bear collection to create a project. Her collection includes fabric, wallpaper, wall stencils, and wall decals. After thinking about it for a bit, I decided that I had to go for it and create a Wormy using her Hello, Bear fabric!

World, meet the Hello, Bear Wormy friends, Wormy and Wiggle Wormy!

It took me quite some time to go through and choose the perfect fabric combinations for these little guys. I mean, how could I pick from ALL of the fun fabrics? (Check them out here) After narrowing down my options, I chose four fabrics to combine: Summit Dawn; Oh, Hello Meadow; Leaflet Dawn; and Follow Me Moonlight. The fabric was so soft and easy to work with, and the combination of the colors and patterns made for such cute Wormies. I love the soft and earthy tones of the Hello, Bear line; I feel like I could have made ten different and equally cute Wormies from all of her different fabric!

Here’s the finished product, enjoy 🙂

IMG_8818 IMG_8822 IMG_8829 IMG_8856 IMG_8853 IMG_8843PS…If any of you want to check out the Hello, Bear challenge for yourself, there are SIX DAYS left to enter! You can go here to view it. Also, if you love creating, consider adding Going Home to Roost to the blogs that you follow!

PSS…I’ll let you know if I win 😉


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