#RunningTo Wormy

A good friend of mine is currently on an extensive road trip across the United States (and Canada) for an indefinite amount of time.  Before he left, Tom requested a special Wormy that will be experiencing the journey as well.  I always love it when Wormies get to travel around, and this one Wormy is going to get a lot of traveling experience!  Tom is calling his trip #RunningTo, and is using that hashtag to keep track of all of his adventures, stops, pictures, and stories from along the way.  Tom is a writer, coffee shop dweller, wanderer, and blogger.  If you want to check out more about his trip, go here!  I strongly encourage you to browse around his blog and learn a little bit more about him also.

Tom’s Wormy request was one with dark blue, light blue, and gold.  Since gold fabric is nearly impossible to find and I struggle with making a really blingin’ Wormy, I went with the deep marigold yellows, which definitely worked.  Can’t wait to see where little tmz is going to end up!

Here’s the finished product, enjoy 🙂IMG_6752 IMG_6755 IMG_6756


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