The Usual Year-End Recap

As 2012 draws to a close, I am yet another blogger who finds them self recapping on the past year.  I promise to make this read worth your while and make you excited about Wormies in 2013 (quite a lofty promise of me, I suppose).

2012 was definitely an exciting year for Wormies.  In true Jana fashion, I will make you a list of all of the exciting happenings for Wormies in 2012:
-Made total of 58 Wormies.  FIFTY-EIGHT, people.
-Ran out of all of my old business cards and got to order new ones (a great sign for this little business of mine)
-Launched WORMIES by jana on Facebook (go ‘like’ my page!  Do it!  Go HERE…and if you read this off of Facebook and already ‘like’ my page, then kudos to you)
-Wormies showed up on good ol’ Instagram and got their own hashtag in the Twitter world, #wormiesbyjana (super official, I know)
-Launched Wiggle Wormies, the cutest minis that you ever did see (check out that blog post here)
-Participated in Winter’s Bazaar at ROCKHARBOR Fullerton, and had such a great time getting myself out there (check out that blog recap here)
-Ended 2012 with 75 total Facebook likes, which ain’t too shabby
-Celebrated my blog’s first birthday and didn’t have a party

And now, in usual year-end recap, here are my goals for 2013:
-Organize myself in more of a business sense
-End the year with 100 Facebook ‘likes’ (it’s doable, I just KNOW it)
-Make more people aware of Wormies (you can help me out with this one!)

So why are you excited about Wormies in 2013?  Well friends, the sky is the limit!  And as the wise philosopher, Justin Bieber, once said, “We can go nowhere but up from here.”  No truer words were ever spoken.

Thank you so SO much for being a part of this journey; I cannot wait to see what 2013 will bring!


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