Now Introducing: WIGGLE WORMIES

Some new little faces have just shown up in the world of Wormies, and I am pleased to introduce the new line of Wiggle Wormies!  You may be wondering to yourself what exactly these are, and have no fear because I am here to tell you.

Wiggle Wormies are little fun size Wormies.  They are the little babies of regular Wormies and are just SO cute.  This idea came about while having a creativity lunch date with a friend.  While thinking of ideas, this was one that came up, and I went with it.  To be honest, I was SUPER surprised to see that they all sold out at the Bazaar last week because that was their first time being introduced anywhere.  Seriously, check them out!  I cannot seem to get enough of them.

IMG_0143 IMG_0146 IMG_0187 IMG_0231

This last image shows a comparison between the Wiggle Wormy and a regular Wormy.  They are about half the size, but still just as cute!  And you can go ahead and order them for $10.00 right off of the order page, just choose the ‘Wiggle Wormy’ option under the drop down menu!

Also, as if releasing Wiggle Wormies was not enough, I also have a line of Winter Wormies!  I sold out of my Winter Wiggles, but still have some regular Winter ones left as well.  These guys are too cute.  If you would like to buy a Winter Wormy, you can order them from the order page and in the ‘colors’ box, tell me that you want one of the Winter ones (photos shown below).

Let’s hear it for Wiggle (and Winter) Wormies!

IMG_0501 IMG_0609


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