Why You Are Glad That I Have Begun Taking Part in Black Friday

If you know me, one thing that you would know about me is that I have never really been a huge fan of shopping, so obviously Black Friday does not really spark my interest at all.  Another reason that I am not a fan of Black Friday is because I usually finish my Christmas shopping sometime around September (not a joke), except this year I am a bit behind for my own standards.  For the past two years, however, I have taken part in Black Friday, and you should be very glad that I did so.  You may be asking yourself how in the world this affects you at the moment, and I assure you, I have a very good reason.

The one place that I have now begun to enter on Black Friday is JoAnn Fabrics.  This should not be a surprise considering how often that I frequent there anyway.  You see, JoAnn has a crazy good sale on wonderful Wormy fabric.  It is not just good, it is crazy good.  I am able to get a huge assortment of wonderful flannel (which I have begun to love for Wormy fabric) that I would not buy on any normal day at JoAnn unless it was already crazy on sale or I had a request for a very specific Wormy theme that I needed it for (but even then, I would have coupons).  The possibilities are endless with all of the great fabric that I find during JoAnn’s Black Friday sale!

The reason that you are so glad that I have begun taking part in Black Friday is because you clearly love and support Wormies, so it will definitely make you excited to know that new and fun fabric = new and fabulous Wormies = you telling everyone you know how awesome that Wormies are and getting them for your friends/babies = more business.  After all, it IS small business Saturday.  No better business to support than WORMIES by jana 🙂


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