Happy Birthday!

Well this week (Monday, to be exact) marked the first birthday of this little blog!  And you know what I did to celebrate?  I did homework all day and thought about all of the new Wormies that I have ready to make in the new future.  What a great day.

It is rather crazy to me to think that I am actually still doing this and have been moving forward and have exciting things to come, but when you are available for God to work and totally trust Him, there is no telling what He will do!

A few exciting tidbits of information to share:
-New business cards have arrived!  They are not entirely new, but I did add some new Wormy faces to them and changed up the back a bit.  The most exciting part of the new business cards is actually that I have given out 100 Wormy business cards over the past year (since I ran out of my first 100).  That seriously amazes me!  Cannot wait to see where these next 100 end up.
-I am sewing new Wormies like crazy for exciting events to come.  Seriously, stay tuned, but mark your calendars for December 4 and a Winter Bazaar at ROCKHarbor Fullerton where my Wormies will debut.  I could not be more stoked!
-New projects and ideas have been rattling around in my head for the past few months, so there might be exciting and new projects to share about in the coming weeks or months (depending on if I can formulate all my thoughts into concrete ideas and actions)

Thanks for being a part of this journey with me!  Tell everyone about Wormies!  They are great!  Too many exclamation points!


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