I seem to have forgotten to blog about this little guy for awhile.  I accredit this to the fact that this Wormy was for my roommate and I did not want to blog it before giving it to her birthday in case she stalked my blog (highly unlikely).  Better late than never!

So without further to do, meet the Wormy for Emily!

I had this idea in my mind awhile ago to make Emily a Wormy for her birthday (super easy gift), but did not know what colors to do or what she would even want.  We were talking one day about cute things when she exclaimed, “I just love whales!” and a light bulb went off in my head.  Since I frequent JoAnn fabrics a lot, I know for a fact that they have fabric with whales on it, so my problem was solved.  I nonchalantly also asked her about her favorite colors only to discover that she really liked yellows and teals, which worked out perfectly with the wonderful whale fabric that JoAnn’s did, in fact, have.  This is one cute Wormy if I do say so myself.

Here’s my finished product, enjoy 🙂


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