Got Wormies?

Just when it seems as though Wormies will become extinct, God always provides.  And whenever I look back at little Wormy hiatuses, they always seem to occur when I have the LEAST amount of time possible to even make Wormies.  God always seems to be looking out for me there.  And then there are the times when I get discouraged, but out of the blue, God blesses me with orders and new friends and acquaintances who are excited about Wormies.  It is almost coming up on a year of when I decided to start selling Wormies and it has been QUITE the journey.  I continue to just wait on what God has in store for this stage in my life as He continues to be faithful in this ministry business of mine.

That being said, here are TEN Wormies that are getting shipped off today!  These were made during the time that I thought, “I should make a ton of Wormies for if I ever go to craft fairs or what not and will not have time for this later.”  Little did I know that a friend would want ten Wormies and if I did not have these already done, I would have had ZERO time.  God, you are good!


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