Three Newbies

Meet the newest Wormies for three lucky babies!

For these Wormies, we had a pink and brown theme; purple, yellow, and coral theme; and a boy/blue, etc. theme.  You would think that it would not be a problem finding coral fabric because that color is SO in right now, but that is not the case.  Lucky for me, JoAnn’s Fabrics had a lot of quilting quarters with that color, so I was able to get some Wormy circles out of those.  Come on, fabric stores, get with the times!  Sometimes while I am sewing, I try and imagine the nurseries that these babies are going to have and place my Wormy inside of that nursery and hope that it matches.  So far, they usually always match in my imagination.  Anyway, I loved using the coral/purple combination of colors for a Wormy because I have never had those for colors to use on a Wormy, and I also loved all of the fabrics for the pink and brown Wormy.  I think they turned out great.

Here’s my finished product, enjoy 🙂


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