Dana and Deebs

Meet the Wormies for Dana and Baby Deebs!

One of these Wormies is for a baby and one is not.  Can you guess which one is not?  (hint: babies usually do not have black as one of their colors…but you really never know)  If you have not guessed yet, the answer is that the Wormy for Dana is not for a baby.  The theme of this Wormy was red and black and fancy-esque, to which I tried to incorporate some black and red fabrics with a Victorian feel, which I think worked.  I like making Wormies that are not for babies because you get to use fabrics that you love, but would not normally be able to use.  The Wormy for Baby Deebs had a lot of different colors going on and a bird/owl theme, but all of the colors go well together and it made for a unique baby Wormy.

Here’s my finished product, enjoy 🙂




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