Charis Emily

Meet the Wormy for Miss Charis Emily!

This little Wormy is extra special to me because it is for my very first niece, Charis!  She was just born on Sunday, December 18, and since we did not know whether she would be a boy or a girl, I had to whip this one out quick before Christmas hit.  I was going to go with greens and yellows whether it was a boy or a girl and then either add blues or pinks, which is kind of what I did.  This one is a lot lighter because of the white flannel print that I put in that has green, pink, yellow, and blue elephants and birds on it.  I think that out of all of the Wormies I have made, this one screams “baby!” more than any other because of the very light colors and cute flannel animal print.  Once again, I love it.

Here’s my finished product, enjoy 🙂


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