Meet the Wormy for Miss Allison!

Seldom do I get complete freedom in choosing colors for a Wormy, but this time, I did.  The customer ordered for a girl, and I got to do the rest.  I feel as though pink is becoming a color that is not used so much anymore, so I definitely wanted to incorporate pink into the Wormy because pink definitely says “little girl” to me.  I did not want to make the Wormy too girly and just go pink and purple, so I decided on green instead, and I had some fun fabric that was polka-dotted with some soft colors that I used also.  A lot of times, I seem to find “gender neutral” fabric (greens, yellows, beige, etc.) that seem to be more girly, so I tried to use my more “girly” greens in this one.  I think it turned out great, what do you think?

Here’s my finished product, enjoy 🙂


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